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IT Consulting & Software Development



Global IT consulting company with offices in USA, Europe, Eastern Europe and Middle East. Based on our practical knowledge and long-term experience we are able to accomplish complex projects and fulfill high demand for tech transformation. For more than 10 years our professional team successfully helped our clients from all parts of the world to reach their goals. Our experience includes IT advisory, business process management, HR outsourcing and setting-up R&D offices to Fortune 500 and middle market companies


Assisting companies to enter their market, scale and digitalize business


Providing full-cycle of engineering services to develop systems and solutions of any complexity


Offering technical and informational support for the entire period of project operation



What makes us different is our ability to expose fundamental needs of our clients and reveal the insights forming ideas. With our thinkers, makers, and performers working in teams, we are able to bridge the gap between strategy and execution

Technology consulting

OFD provides consulting and research for your project, helping you to succeed in competitive market and choose best suited technology for you. After detailed analysis of your product we will demonstrate you evolution of your project in technological aspect taking into consideration latest development of services and platforms on the market.
Choosing best technology for your project will eliminate unnecessary expenses in the future and give you an advantage to grow faster then your competitors

New Product & Service Development

Exposing your new idea and bringing it to the market is challenging for each company. Our experience will help you to create a company from your idea achieving quickest results and creating Minimum Viable Product specifically for you. Finding a best CTO for your company at the very begging stage is crucial for majority of startups as great ideas must be supported with high end development

Digital Transformation

Having thoughts about bringing your business to the digital market is right and it’s definitely high time for transition. Companies must embrace digital to grow, with our practical knowledge your expansion to the digital platform will be the most efficient. We helped small and medium size companies to achieve best results from their Digital Transformation in a right way. Hiring an entire team of engineers and managing them can be challenging for your business. OFD will advice and support your company within detailed growth on the digital market

Cost management

Constantly increasing demand for professionals especially in region like Bay Area is sometimes pushing companies to save on critical things like marketing, promotion, design. OFD will help you to find alternative ways to boost your growth without additional expenses on hiring more people

How we work

We explore your business needs thoroughly including all specific things and offer the best solution

Personal approach

Taking into consideration all use cases and portioning them into small pieces of functionality we study your needs and offer solution​

Professional team

Your project will be leaded by your personal team of professionals

Expertise and deep knowledge

We gathered best experts from different business areas which will help your company to get maximum effect using our services

Advanced technologies

With us you will always be one step ahead of the competition, since we only use the best practices and technologies


We carry out a full cycle of actions aimed at

achieving the best possible results






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